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Reflections On Ice 2018
St Clair Shores Figure Skating Club
20000 Stephens
St Clair Shores, MI 48080
(586) 774 7530

Please note that our club office is not staffed.
If you leave a phone message it might not get a response for several days.
The Civic arena and city employees at the front desk will have very little information about the Ice Show.

Please contact one of the following


Ice Show Director
Coach Claire LaDue
(586) 260 5758 (Text if possible)

St Clair Shores Club Director of Skating
Lindsay O’Donoghue



Ice Show Chairs
Jennifer Hacket –
Tekla Henri –
Celeste Ewald –

Costume Chair
Dawn Turek –

Costume Alterations 
Tina Miano –

Job Assignments / Volunteers (During the shows)
Terri Pickoff –
Andrea Dolsen –

Set Design and Painting
Jennifer Hacket –

Set up & Tear down of Arena
Richard Moore –

Sweatshirt Chairperson
Melinda Curtis –

Tickets, Raffle and Admission
VIP Seating
Jennifer Brown –
Jill Gutierrez –

Program Ads
Tekla Henri –

Flower Sales
Jannett Williams –
Jennifer Jones –